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Individual Group Short-Term Medicare Student Dental

Available Types of Health Plans:

Individual/Family health Insurance provides health coverage for you individually or for your entire family. There are various plan types, including traditional fee-for-service plans, HMO or PPO, which vary according to premium costs, out-of-pocket costs, insurance deductible amounts, choice of providers, level of coverage, etc.  Read more about Individual Health Insurance or Family Health Insurance

Group Health Insurance offers health plans for a group of individuals. Groups can include employers, small businesses, professional associations, student organizations or religious organizations. Read more about Group Health Insurance

Short-Term Health Insurance offers health plans that individuals can choose a short-term health plan during gaps in health coverage, such as in-between jobs. In addition to subscribing to a short-term health plan, individuals may be eligible for continued health coverage via COBRA under certain conditions, such as job loss, death, divorce, or other life events. Read more about Short-Term Health Insurance

Medicare Supplemental, also called Medigap insurance, offers insurance coverage for approved medical expenses that are not paid for by a person's Medicare health insurance. It serves as an additional buffer for older Americans during a time of reduced period of income to prevent against incurring medical costs that are beyond a person’s means. Read more about Medigap Insurance

Dental Insurance provides insurance coverage for eligible dental procedures. Plans generally cover routine procedures such as examinations, cleanings, fillings and more advanced procedures such as crowns and root canals. It operates similarly to other health insurance, in that there are premiums, deductibles, co-pays and reimbursements. In addition to “dental insurance”, individuals may also find dental coverage through Dental Plans, which are memberships whereby participating dental care providers have agreed to accept a discounted fee from plan members as payment-in-full for services performed.   Read more about Dental Insurance

Student Health Insurance Many four-year colleges require students to have medical coverage, which can be offered through health plans provided by the institution as an additional tuition option. However, in addition to this plan, students can find health insurance options from other private market insurers. Read more about Student Health Insurance

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