Safety and Congestion, Belfair Adds a center turn lane to reduce traffic
congestion and adds sidewalks for pedestrian safety.
Increases overall traffic speeds by 20 percent
while reducing injury collisions by 30 percent.
In partnership with Mason County.
Construction begins: 2011 Completion: 2013
Cost: $15.7 million
Traffic Signal, Belfair
A new signal will reduce injury
collisions by 66 percent at the intersection
of SR 3 and SR 106.
Construction begins: 2007 Completion: 2007
Cost: $1 million
Off-ramp to US 101, Shelton
Reduces collisions by adding a new
off-ramp from SR 3 to northbound US 101.
Adds room to accelerate before merging into traffic.
Construction begins: 2008
Completion: 2008
Cost: $3 million
New Bridge at US 101 Junction, Shelton
Replaces the aging bridge.
Construction begins: 2009 Construction ends: 2009
Cost: $2 million
New Bridge, Shelton
Replaces aging bridge at Goldsborough Creek
and allows the intersection at Fairmont Avenue
to be improved, reducing collisions by 25 percent.
Construction begins: 2010
Construction ends: 2010
Cost: $9.9 million
New Lynch Road Interchange, Shelton
Builds a new county access road and updates
the US 101 vehicle crossing at Lynch Road to
reduce the number and severity of collisions at that location.
Construction begins: TBD Completion: TBD
Cost:$1 million toward the construction
of the new intersection to be built by Mason County.
Landslide Control, Purdy Creek to Lilliwaup
Fixes landslide-prone slopes adjacent to
US 101 in rural area without easy alternate routes.
Construction begins: 2006 Competion: 2007
Cost: $500,000